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me: *dials 911*

operator: hello 911, what’s your emergency?

me: i need someone to cuddle with, rub my back, and play with my hair

operator: someone is on their way, please stay calm

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"A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it."

- D.H. LawrenceLady Chatterley’s Lover

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This is Daniel Cousins. He is a white man in his late 20s / early 30s, brown hair, blue eyes, piercing on left eyebrow, braces. Slurred speech. He usually catches the 314 / 316 / 317 at around 8am from Bondi Junction Interchange and then will spend the entire morning doing a circle of the city by bus, looking for girls to groom. He has reportedly also caught the 376 and the 389. He will sit next to schoolgirls and try to talk to them, get information about them, grab them and pull on their clothing. He will move seats throughout his journey to sit closer to girls. He sometimes sits next to girls traveling alone. I first encountered him about 3 years ago and have since reported him along with over ten people from my school. He has sexually harassed girls before. BEWARE OF THIS CREEP!!! If he sits close to you GET THE FUCK OUT!!! ALERT OTHER GIRLS ON THE BUS!!! He’ll act very shy to make you feel sorry for him DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! Please share this so we can protect each other.

PLEASE FILE A REPORT — If you have encountered this man please make a report to the detective working on this case: Louise Rodden at Maroubra Police Station. We are currently building a case against him.

I’ve seen this man twice on the 373 and 316. BE WARY. He is very intense, and aggressive. Be firm with him, and don’t let him play you.

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 #that took me a second to get #this is a very involved joke

So patient. So good.

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I just want hickeys and self esteem

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